Saturday, 23 September 2017

Down It, Fresher.

Since starting University last year, I became increasingly aware of how us 'youths' like to drink, and not sensibly for that matter. I am not trying to be the party pooper over here n’ all, but I do think it’s a topic we like to brush over, glorify or laugh about without considering the genuine harm it can cause to your health, mentally and physically.

Is it really hilarious that your best mate passed out last week outside the 24-hour kebab shop? And woke up, not only hungover, but also with large black gaps in her memory where she can only imagine how she came to lying on the ground, purple knickers on show and sick in her hair? Okay, to some extent, there is an element of amusement in seeing your mates crying into their toast at 3am wishing they owned a ginger cat called The Great Catsby – yep, true story, it may or may not have been me. I say nothing. But where do we draw the line between having a good night and losing control?

If I told you that last night I'd stayed in on my own, passed out, threw up multiple times and woke up not remembering what I did from 10pm onwards, I’m sure you would be very worried, naturally! But the minute the word Vodka is mentioned, the reaction is quite the opposite.

“On another bender? Legend!”

“Still can’t handle the drink, you lightweight!”

“Down it, Fresher!”

Comments like these make me worried.

On my first night out at University, I walked into the club excited to dance into the early hours of the morning. 

I left at 11pm, pissed off. 

The reason? An out-of-control girl I had only met once. We were told by the paramedics that she would have to walk home or pay £200 for the ambulance to drive her to the doctors. 

Somewhere between carrying the body weight of a 19-year-old drunken girl who was wearing that tin foil stuff the ambulance gives you to keep warm and placing her in the recovery position before leaving her for the night, was when I thought to myself, “I never want to be like this.” It wasn’t pretty, for her or for me. Plus, it ruined both of our nights. It’s not only unnecessary to get paralytic on a night out, trust me, you can have so much fun on 2-3 drinks and S-Club Seven occasionally playing (thanks, Warwick Pop). But, it is also a huge burden for everyone else to carry… literally… girls that can’t hold themselves up are much heavier than you’d expect.

People are led to believe that the purpose of University is based on these sorts of nights, or, you’re not 'doing it right.' That if you go clubbing less than twice a week you will be sidelined. If I’m honest, I too was victim to this idea. However, I am living proof that it is not true. You can be social without the all-day hangover of regret, self-pity and a lot of phone calls to Mum. 

Here are some pics from my favourite times during first year:

I made two extremely close girlfriends (holla to you two gems) and it became an unsaid rule that Monday evening was the local pub evening. I'd often order the vegan curry which tasted of coconut dreams, and also indulged in the 241 dessert offer!! 

During the dreaded exam period - I was fortunate enough to escape with only one, three-hour exam - we often went on gorgeous relaxing walks.

Okay, I was somewhat tipsy here! It was my last night out and it was full of love and happiness, as you can see.

I’m not saying let’s all be stone cold sober 24/7. As you can see above, I definitely wasn't. What I am saying is let’s be honest about alcohol. No, it’s not cool that you can’t remember your Tuesday and Friday evenings on the reg. What's cool is having good friends and memories of your nights out that you can cherish and laugh at - in a good way - in the future. 

Cheers to that!

George x


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