Sunday, 29 October 2017

The Small Things That Matter

The first month back to university has been exciting, eye-opening and super busy, so far. Of course - this comes with a price, already I am beginning to feel the pressures of upcoming essay deadlines lurking like an unwanted ulcer; it starts off almost unnoticeable, a little bump, but by the end of the day it is so sore and stingy that it is all you can focus on. I don’t know about you guys, but I am beginning to feel the bump – excuse the extended metaphor. I am hating on my literature-student-self coming out on your behalf.

So, I thought I’d share a few small things that make me feel a little happier!


By healthy, I mean healthily supplied with snacks… not vitamins. My housemates know that I cannot function, particularly on a down day without assistance from my stash of chocolate bars, biscuits or cake. So, why should you go without? My favourites at the moment are Oreos, Bourbon’s (both perfect for tea-dunking) and banana and poppy seed cake. Treats can/should be relied on to inject some sweetness into your life any day of the week.


I am a tea lover. There has never been a time when someone offered me a cup of tea and I have thought ‘shouldn’t have accepted that cuppa.’ My life is improved by one hundred percent after that first hot sip; whether that sip took place mid-essay or in my bed.

Personally, I stick to decaf because I like to feel relaxed and caffeine just doesn’t do that for me. When I want to de-stress, the last thing I want is to increase my brain activity!


*Disclaimer: I am about to sound like your dad. Nothing beats a well-made bed, don’t say I didn’t warn you. I hate coming home after a long day to see an unmade heap of sheets. I will go as far as to say that it stresses me out a little. By making my bed in the morning, it means that I have made time in my day to do a simple task and have left my house feeling satisfied that my day shall, hopefully, be somewhat organised.

If I haven’t made my bed in the morning, it is often the start to a very rushed, disorganised and stress-fuelled day. I know some people have no problem detaching the mess in their room from their headspace, but I just think it is a little nicer to come home to a tidy, relaxing bedroom.


I have never invested in a dressing gown. In fact, I owned the same silky pink dressing gown for eight years.

It has recently been replaced by my gorgeous fluffy giraffe-print robe; a birthday present from my younger sister found in Boux Avenue. I wear it every morning, every night. If I was as dedicated to my weekly course reading then I would probably be a model student by now (cries). There is a real happiness in wearing a fluffy hood that has a sleepy giraffe face stitched on with little ears that poke up.

I have found a friend in my giraffe: he is there to comfort me after a stressful day and snuggle me on those cold, early mornings. Especially now that the clocks have gone back! Darker mornings have been made brighter with, what feels like, an all-encompassing blanket wrapped around you. INVEST GUYS. You won’t look back.


Sometimes when I wake up feeling unprepared for the day, one thing that guarantees a sense of direction is a sassy lipstick shade. I swear by Revlon lipsticks; the one I have been using recently is the shade ‘coffee bean,’ which is a muted red colour with a brownish undertone. It is the perfect I am going to be present emotionally and physically today colour.

Hope that you can use some of these to add some spice into your life, even when things are looking a bit grey. And let’s be honest, when does it not look grey in England’s winter months.


George x

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