Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Christmas is for giving

I've had long hair for almost all of my life. In fact, my hair hasn’t changed since I was about ten. Sure, I don’t wear my hair in two braids anymore and maybe it’s darkened naturally with age, but in general, I would say that if you looked at a picture of me at fifteen, you wouldn’t notice anything dramatically different. That, I believe, is due to my unchanging hairstyle.

Aged 20.

Aged 18. I know I look so young here.
Aged 15. I guess I look younger... I mean, maybe I'm immortal!

Most people go through the ‘I need to dye my hair the opposite colour of what it is’ phase, or maybe they just went a little bit emo/scene and got a crazy amount of layers with a sweeping fringe. Perhaps you were the preppy girl that thought having a crazy comb-over looked cool. I admit, I did have a side fringe at one point, but that soon grew out. Back to my normal middle-parting.

I have never done anything on impulse, never been too daring, probably because everyone told me not to be growing up. My older friends and family warned me that I'd 'regret it if you cut it' and that 'if you dye it, you will damage it.' Their words became a mantra in my head I couldn't shake off when I sat in the hairdresser's chair: I would ask for a trim every time.

However, in the past two months, I have had flippant thoughts about doing all sorts of crazy things to my hair, like, getting a fringe or ombre dying it, just to make it look a little different.

It was only when I realised that my hair was long enough to give away to The Little Princess Trust  a charity that makes real hair wigs for children and adults up to the age of 24 that suffer from hair loss – that I really reflected on my previous (spontaneous) ideas.

The charity so far has managed to provide 5,000 free real-hair wigs, which is excellent! But, they are looking for more hair donors; in particular, the Trust wants people with long hair that are able to cut more than 17cm so that they can make long-haired wigs. Knowing that I can provide a child or young person with an illness that causes hair loss  such as cancer – with a wig makes me think about the great impact that I can make by cutting my hair.

I will miss people playing with my hair and the general admiration that I get for the length of it; I would even go as far as to say that I feel proud of this huge mane I have managed to grow over my twenty-year lifespan. Although, I will not miss all of the compliments I have received…

“If I had hair like yours I would straighten it and plait it and do one hundred different styles!”

Yep, like I don’t, you mean? *sigh*

“Wow, your hair is so lovely and long!” *goes to stroke it and gets fingers tangled in 0.5 seconds*

“Gosh, bet your thick hair takes so long to hair dry!”

Yep, I cannot use a hair dryer either as it sends my hair into a static craze.

Just joking – I know I will be terrified to see my hair being cut when it comes to it, but what better time to do something good than at Christmas? Maybe I will even enjoy having hassle-free hair, and hopefully like the new look too!

You can also give to the charity by just clicking here or on the 'Sponsor Me' button on the side of my blog to donate to my Just Giving page, anything as small as 50p will be a huge help to the cause. 

So there we have it, that’s my Christmas gift to someone in need.

What’s yours?


George x

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