Thursday, 28 December 2017

Life is a Blessing

The 28th of December. A sad date, I find. One that signals Christmas is officially over and reminds us that the year is creeping to an end. It is also one that provokes reflection on how the year went: what changed, who you have lost contact with, what you managed to achieve, and who you are now.

With this in mind, I wanted to look back on my own achievements and happy moments throughout 2017!


Anyone that has been to university will relate to the stab-in-the-dark feeling that comes with writing your first essay. (Sorry to the mathsy/sciencey students that can't relate, count yourself lucky.) You are given the question and the only guidance you get is someone telling you two weeks before the due date to simply answer it. It's hard.

Despite my very real struggle with referencing essays (MLA is not my friend), and my questionable grammar capabilities – *mini diversion* my university teacher during my second term politely wrote underneath one of my slaved-over essays that my ‘grammar is appalling.’ Thanks gal, I'm working on it. – I somehow managed to pass the year with a high 2:1! I even got a first in my least favourite module, without stressing too much about the exam, thanks to Hazel's sick revision cards.

Seeing the hard work pay off was a very proud moment and it made me feel even more determined to do well this academic year.


I have been reading blogs such as, Frey de FleurWhat Olivia Did, and Hannah Gale for a while now (check them out, they're great) and have always loved the idea of writing my own, yet never felt confident enough to start. This year I made it a personal goal to start one and to get over myself! 

I was encouraged by my boyfriend, Jacob, who is great at making websites and seems to be a techy-genius who told me to just go for it, and by my friends, George and Hazel, who have proofread my posts and never made me feel like they weren't worth posting! 

I am still a complete newbie to this, of course, but I am starting to quite enjoy myself on this little space I've created on the interweb. Thanks to all of you lovely people who read my posts! Much love to you x


I am in a long-distance relationship and have been for over a year now. Jacob lives in Cheshire and I live in Surrey – a good four-and-a-half-hour journey. 

It has not been easy, with me at university trying to balance a job, my studies, my social life, and getting a decent amount of sleep! It is sometimes difficult to make time for one another, but, we have done it, somehow, and I am very proud of us for getting through this year which has been especially tough on him for a few personal reasons.

To highlight the long-distance problem further, Jake is currently in Australia for two months celebrating Christmas, the New Year, weddings and other occasions with family out there. It has made me realise that there are two types of long-distance! Living in the same country seems like a blessing, now. Those that deal with time differences (10 hours ahead for Jacob and I) on top of the physical barriers that distance creates are absolute saints!

Miss you.


During first-year, I found it all too easy to excuse myself from getting involved, ‘I have too much work’ or ‘I am too busy’ were my go-to phrases that I used to opt out of events, clubbing, socials, and attending societies.

This year I have said ‘yes’ a lot more, at the expense of my degree and my stress levels I might add, but it has definitely done me more good than harm!

I did a play called Daughters of England, written by the very talented creative writing student, Katie Stockton, at Warwick. Not only was I one of the leading roles, but it allowed me to meet some of the most kind-hearted, bonkers, and wonderful people! Late night rehearsals with Doritos, salsa, and filter coffee became something I strangely looked forward to. Shout-out to the wonderful cast and crew behind the play – you are all fabulous.

I am a sub-editor for Warwick’s student newspaper, The Boar. I didn’t know how to get involved last year so making the effort to find out and apply for positions within The Boar’s team was on my to-do list this year. It has been rewarding feeling important to the editorial process and I aim to write for the paper next term.

Finally, I am involved with the Dance Society – the most expensive to join, but so worth it. I hope to immerse myself a little more the coming year and get myself to some socials!


I know this is a little cliché and cheesy, but I just wanted to reflect on all of the people that mean the most to me and all they’ve done for me over the past year…

Thank you, Mum and Dad, for always being at the other end of the phone, whether I just want to moan about essay stresses that you don’t understand or want a chat because I am lonely walking home from the bus stop – you have been such a wonderful support this year.

Thank you to Jacob who helped move me into my new accommodation in preparation for second-year. Thanks for helping me with all the techy stuff that life comes with: phones, laptops, and with any software that isn't Microsoft Word (lol); thank you for comforting me throughout all of my worries this year, and for your fab reading aloud skills because getting through my weekly reading at university wouldn't have been possible at my snail pace.

Thanks to all of my amazing friends from home for making me smile in the mornings I do not feel like getting up for. Your Snapchats and your great (varied) sense of humour make my life a little brighter.

They say that you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family. Well, I managed to choose friends at university that are also my adorable family now. You guys never fail to cheer me up with cuddles or chocolate on a bad day, care for me when I'm upset, give the best advice, and make me feel comfortable enough to talk about things that I still won't discuss with my Mum haha! Thanks for being like Hovis bread – the best of both. 

I've really enjoyed looking back on this year! I hope that you make some time to reflect on life’s blessings before 2018 begins.

What has your favourite or proudest moment of this year been? Let me know in the comments below!


George x 


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