Sunday, 14 January 2018


I really get those of you who suffer from the January blues feeling as I also feel a little less cheery when Christmas ends. However, retail therapy does exist, as you can see from my face above, a little shopping doesn't harm nobody and it definitely helps with the post-Christmas sadness.

If you're anything like me then you like nice things, and nice things are often far too expensive (student life). BUT I have some wonderful news to share with you: everything pictured in this post is currently on sale! So knock yourself out, ladies, and treat yo' self 😉


I picked up these gorgeous suit-like flared trousers in Urban Outfitters, they were reduced from £46 to £25! Such a bargain. I love them because they literally go with any coloured top and pinch at the waist which is always flattering, especially as they are quite loose around the legs. They are super comfortable and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Love, love, love these.


I fell in love with this top because of the bright mustard colour which is so in at the moment! When I realised that it had black wrinkled hems I was even happier. This beauty is going for just £3.99 at the moment in Zara, reduced from £7.99 which is so affordable.*

I am someone that wears a lot of greys, blacks, and beiges so this top is great as injects a little bit of colour into my wardrobe and makes me feel like a beaming sunshine 🌞

*I have just linked the top and have seen that they have now sold out in the mustard, but are still selling it in an off-white colour which I may even have to snap up myself!


Okay, to tell you the truth I did not get these boots in the sale, my boyfriend bought them for me as a Christmas present. I will live and swear by Dr Martens all of my life - they last forever and are just so beautiful that I could cry a little bit (no exaggeration). I probably treat these shoes better than I will treat my own children. That's sad, isn't it?  Or is it?

The Church Croc Monkey Boots are now on sale at Schuh for £109.99 reduced from £135, although still expensive, they are 100% worth it. They took far less time to break in than my Dr Marten boots, they are comfy, stylish, and go with everything. I cannot recommend them enough to you guys, just yeah, BLSUAJGFS -- that's how I feel.



I bought this dress when it was marked down at £20 in Zara, but now, it is only £12.99 which I am kind of envious about but also happy because I now look like even more of a bargain queen.

I have wanted a shirt-dress for a long time now, so I was very pleased to have stumbled past this gem.

I would call this a smart-casual dress because, like I have done here, you can dress it up with accessories and heels, or keep it more understated with flats or low boots. It's really roomy which makes it a nice snug dress for any day where you want to look good but feel relaxed. 


I think hats are underrated; they are perfect for hiding a bad hair day and great for dressing up an outfit.

Sadly I cannot seem to find the sale link to my black bowler-styled hat that I picked up in M&S for £9.49 reduced from £27 - but I have managed to find a link to one that is very similar from M&S but unfortunately still full price. If this is too expensive for you then I'd recommend that you have a look in store as they are definitely still selling some!

You should definitely go check out M&S sale right now anyway because I have picked up some badass shoes in there recently - not pictured in this post - for just £11. The sales are just fab at the moment.


SO... YOU'RE IN FOR A TREAT! Office is selling these sexy Vagabond's for just £35 *struggles to breathe* reduced from £100. Yes, I know, you need them in your life.

They are so comfortable and you can easily wear them on a night out and not complain about sore feet once. DREAM SHOES. They go with everything and are simply gorgeous to look at. I think if I didn't already own these shoes and saw this amazing discount I would be in an ecstatic puddle on the floor right now.

Okay, I hope you loved these sale items as much as I did and maybe even chased your January blues away with my dreamy Vagabond boots.


George x x x


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