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Hey Babies! 

It feels a lifetime ago that I've checked in on here. I hope you're all settling into the new year well and ~ maybe ~ are keeping to your resolutions. 

Inspired by Gym Shark's '66 Day Challenge' (far more than the gloomy arrival of January 1st), I set myself quite a few of my own resolutions! Gym Shark claims that it takes 66 days to make or break a habit. That's only two months (and a bit)... not to say that it's easy to make changes,  but when you think about it, it's very possible, for everyone. 

That's why this year it is my mission to only consume sustainably. That includes jewellery, clothes, make-up, cosmetics, and anything else you can think of. Hazel is going a step further than me by challenging herself not to buy any new clothes (apart from underwear, don't worry guys!) whatsoever! Eep!

So, if you're like us; sick and tired of investing in brands that aren't giving the planet or people anything back, then you've come to the right place. I've compiled a list of brands and companies that I would feel confident buying from, and here's why... 

Lucy and Yak are an independent clothing company that is working to be sustainable and prioritises ‘people before profits’. I discovered them through Instagram and now I’m obsessed. For Christmas, I was lucky enough to get their gorgeous mustard coat (link here) and their raspberry boiler suit (link here). I fell in love with the design of their clothes, the bright colours they use, and most importantly, their ethos. 

So, what’s cool about what they’re doing? 

A lot. All of their clothes are made by workers in impoverished parts of Northern India. They have met each person that works for them, ensures they are paid fairly, and state that all of their factories are solar panelled.

They also use:

-          Low-impact dye on all of their products
-          Recycled wool and fibres
-          100% organic cotton 
-          Recycled plastic bottles 

…to make their clothes, I know, cool right?

As well as this, they ensure all of their clothes are packaged in reusable canvas bags or handmade floral silk bags. This removes the difficult-to-recycle-stretchy plastic problem. And who doesn’t want a cute reusable canvas/silk bag? At the moment L&Y are actually hosting a competition on Instagram to see who can ‘reuse’ their silk bags in the most interesting way! I’ve seen (via their Instagram stories) people turn them into cute pillowcases, amongst other inventive things.

Global sustainability = TICK. Humanitarian equality = TICK. Nothing’s more fashionable than that!

What are Lush doing? Lush, the soap and cosmetic brand, is famously known for standing up against Animal Cruelty. None of their products are tested on animals which is a hot topic at the moment, with the reveal of the hundreds of cosmetic brands that still do!

Lush use recycled plastic to make their packaging and, on all of their packaged products, there is a label that tells customers when they ‘bring back five empty pots’ Lush will give you a free facemask. On top of this environmental incentive, I have noticed that Lush has brought out more solid products like solid perfume, moisturiser, highlighters, shampoo, and conditioner bars. This gets rid of packaging altogether!

Hazel and I are both a massive fan of their products.

Similarly, Superdrug has recently made all of their own-brand products vegan. They are quite basic in ingredients -- definitely not as smelly as Lush, if that’s what you’re looking for, but still a great cheap alternative to other cosmetics that probably test on animals. Sigh. 

I love The Body Shop's products, partly because their shower gel and hand creams make me want to eat them, but because they are striving to be the most ethical they can. They are strict on only endorsing fair trade and sustainably sourced products by ensuring they know where their ingredients are being bought from and who is working for them. 

Click here to read more about The Body Shop's employees, how/ where they source their ingredients, and how they are empowering women around the world!

They are also 100% cruelty-free and have been since 1989. They even sell products to assist their work to end animal cruelty. Click here to shop their anti-animal testing products and feel guilt-free at the checkout! If you're looking for vegan products in the shop - they are all identified with a small green sticker. Most of their perfumes are vegan, which is something I have struggled to find, so Body Shop and Lush have my full approval here! 

I am yet to order from The Adorned, but they're a super funky independent clothing & jewellery brand run by a mother and her daughter. They upcycle charity shop finds, handmake jewellery, and rework vintage and thrifted apparel to create their one-of-a-kind brand. The sizes available and amount of a stock they have really depends on the recycled fabrics and resources they find. Which means you have to be quick if you like something, but also provides the company with an authentic charm!

I really love their sunflower painted clothing (link here) as well as their pinstriped trousers (link here).

Love, George and Haze xx


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