Friday, 22 March 2019

Why not risk it for a vegan biscuit?

With monotonous essay-writing and revision on the horizon, it is only apt that students everywhere should turn to tasty snacks as motivation for all of their hard work. Now, buying vegan does not mean I will be sucking on celery sticks during my revision breaks, oh no. I have compiled a list so you can see all my favourite sweet treats that the supermarkets offer on a budget (of course) and cruelty-free!!

Oreos: Despite the apparent irresponsibly of Cadbury’s and their palm oil in Oreos, the little biscuits are, at least, vegan in that they don’t contain any animal products. 

Chocolate Chip Hobnobs: Look for the goldy coloured packet! Instead of the milk chocolate hobnobs, opt for the chocolate chip ones, as they taste just as good and you spare the dairy. The plain ones are also vegan!

Bourbons: Not always, but most bourbon biscuits are vegan. Fox’s aren’t – but when the big old Tesco pack is at 38p, who’s the real winner?!

Lotus Biscuits: You know those sweet, crunchy little biscuits you sometimes stole off your parents’ saucer as they drank their coffee in a cafĂ©? Well, you can buy them at supermarkets and they are caramelised gorgeousness. Thank me later.

Ginger Nuts: An underrated biscuit, I fear. My Mum makes really sexy homemade ones too. Again, supermarket own-brands do these for super cheap if you want a more sophisticated biccie.

Party Rings: These bad boys are keeping children happy and cows alive. What more could you want? Pink Wafers are also vegan – though they scare me a bit!

Apple Strudel: The foot-long Aldi beauty says it serves 6. I say it serves 2. It’s 89p. Dreamy. Apparently, Tesco does a good one too!

Dairy Free Halo Top: I was so jealous when the whole ‘360 calories for a tub of ice cream’ craze hit the supermarkets, but now Halo Top cater for us vegans too! At £5 or so a tub, wait for them to go on offer, but the sea salted caramel one is unreal.

Swedish Glace: The best vegan vanilla ice cream and inexpensive. Literally like normal ice cream. So good.

Apple Pies: These little 6-in-a-box jobbies are often vegan, again, Aldi and Asda versions are less than £1. Mr Kipling also do a blackberry and apple flavour if you’re feeling a bit extra.

Treacle Tart: Mr Kiplings. With a dollop of Swedish Glace. Who said all vegans eat are plants?

Jam or Custard Donuts: Supermarket own-brands diving in with their veganism yet again. Just check it doesn’t contain milk or eggs (it will say on the label if it does) but most of them are vegan. Morrison’s are the best, change my mind!

Popcorn: Sweet and salted is the dream. Opt for this rather than milky chocolate when you’re at the cinema: every little vegan swap helps!

Moser Roth chocolate: normal chocolate but most of them happen to vegan. The orange and almond one is probably my favourite ever chocolate. And it comes in little separate bars so you are less inclined to eat it all at once and can take it in a packed lunch for a little pick me up. Can’t recommend this one enough. 10/10

Bournville: The go-to vegan chocolate. Being dark, it's extra rich, so you don’t need as much of it. I didn’t like Bournville before becoming vegan but now I love it – and apparently, Cadbury’s are releasing Bournville buttons this year! Maybe I can relax the popcorn cinema statement?

Crisps: Sounds obvious, but actually quite a lot of crisps aren’t vegan. Cheese and onion are a no go and same for a lot of chilli flavours. But the bacon rashers are vegan and so are a lot of other cheap meat flavours, just check on the back for milk in bold.

Garlic Bread: So I wouldn’t normally have garlic bread as a snack but I forgot to put it on the last vegan post. Garlic bread is like the nectar of the gods in our household, and if you’re the same, NEVER fear! Sainbury’s basics – found in their fridge section – can be frozen at home, and Aldi’s garlic slices are vegan.

Of course, this list is not exclusive, but I hope it gives you some idea of what's on offer, whether you're trying veganism or just want to do a little bit without giving up meat and milk directly. Happy snacking!

All the love,

Hazel xxxx


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