Saturday, 3 August 2019

Fallen out of love with plastic? There's only one way to MAKE UP

We talk a lot on our blog about having an environmentally-friendly diet and fashion sense, but there are smaller, less life-changing ways you can reduce your waste and contribute to creating a sustainable planet. 

Makeup wipes take roughly 100 years to degrade. The plastic packets they come in: far longer.

And unless you're spending £3 per pack on organic cotton pads (I certainly wasn't), cotton wool pads are equally as damaging. The cotton industry is guilty of producing over a quarter of the world's insecticides, irreversibly poisoning water sources and soil. 

Haze's Routine:

I use organic bars of soap from a local market (though Bodyshop would be fine!) and some reusable face wipes. Essentially, they're like flannels. The ones I bought are actually washable microfibre dishcloths from B&M that I rub onto the soap with a little warm water. When they're dirty, they can just be thrown into the washing machine, meaning there is literally no waste at all, and my face is squeaky clean. In fact, since ditching makeup wipes and only using toxin-free, simple products, my skin has been clearer than ever!

Soap £3
Cloths £1.99

£4.99 over 7 months!

George's Routine:

Similar to Haze's microfibre cloths, I use reusable cotton pads. I was given them by my auntie who lives in Australia 3 years ago. They still work like a dream now and have saved me so much money that I would have spent on the Simple wipes I used to buy. I used to pour Simple make up remover on them as I don't like anything with chemicals or perfume on my face. My skin is super sensitive and gets stingy, even when using baby wipes. Now, I just soak the pads with warm water and, in circular motions, wipe the make-up away. This has saved me (and the planet) on buying make-up remover, wipes, and pads. 

You can buy the reusable pads online here. I've linked the cheapest ones I could find from Amazon for £5.79, they come with a delicate wash bag that you can seal and put straight into your washing machine. Easy. 

Pads (range between) £5-15
Simple make-up remover £2.48

Such an affordable and gentle switch over! Why not give it a go? 

Love, George & Haze x x


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