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(artwork by the amazing, check her OUT)

Now I don’t know about you, but my high school was absolutely saturated with penises. They were drawn in the textbooks, on lockers, scratched into desks; there were blowjob jokes and competitions to see whose was the biggest and so many synonyms for knobs and dicks and cocks and willies in the girls' toilets that the cubicles were practically a phallus thesaurus.

 In fact, I’m pretty sure that I knew what a scrotum was before I knew what a clitoris was.

Think about that.

I don’t own a scrotum.
(you may recognise the artwork by our amazing Seth [Superbad, 2007]) xox

Meanwhile, most girls at this age have debates while they are getting changed for P.E. about where they pee from. 
No, to those of you who are still wondering, you do not pee from your vagina. You pee from your urethra (funny story: it was only 10 days ago that I found out it’s called urethra and not ‘uretha’. There ARE two Rs in the word, two). 
It’s interesting to note that the term “vagina,” the part that can be penetrated by the penis, is often used to reference the entire female genitalia. The whole reproductive system reduced to that little opening that, considering women are less likely orgasm from penetrative sex anyway, is important to men… and their pleasure,. 

So, our high school sex education consisted of: 
1) Exposure to far too many penises (drawn ones as mentioned above, as opposed to real ones. That could sound weird)
2) I own a vagina and its where said penises should go
I guess the obsessional penis graffiti was beneficial in that it destigmatized the awkward, behind-closed-doors-only discussions about sex. The doodles made the penis familiar, even to us girls. And when we are familiar, we are accepting. Nothing scandalous about the ejaculating penis scrawled in marker pen across some poor, sleepy forehead the morning after an underage house party.

But I wonder what the reaction would be if Will had had a giant ejaculating vagina seared into his back after Simon did his suncream? In fact, how many of you could even draw that? 

If you saw our Instagram polls on Sunday (and hopefully voted), you would’ve seen a full diagram of the female genitalia. It’s a touch more complex than the two holes us girls thought we had down there in Year 8. Almost half of you voted that you couldn’t name 4 or more parts. There’s a huge gap in our knowledge about some of the most intimate parts of women.

And it wasn't just the female parts. Even fewer of you (less than a third) could label 4 parts of the male reproductive organs. It's no wonder our understanding of sex is as simple as *sex = penis in vagina*.

Our poll also told us that the majority of our followers would feel comfortable speaking openly about masturbation, which is great. Self-education should certainly be encouraged, and we will talk about that later. But even then, it is difficult to talk about pleasuring yourself, when you've never properly learnt about your genitals and their functions. And it still doesn't educate you about someone else's genitals...

Now, we aren't claiming to be sex gurus. We just think that sex deserves to be talked about. We all do it. Sex deserves to be good. We all know what it's like when it's bad, and that's okay too.
You are not alone. 

Our sex diablogue starts here. We hope you are excited to join the conversation.

Love, George and Haze xxxxxx


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