Hello, cheeky! If you are reading this then you have stumbled across our blog, Love, George & Haze. 

"What's Love, George & Haze?" - we hear you calling through the abyss of the interweb. Well, in 2017, George created this little space to write about whatever she wants, really. A year later, after serially editing and rewording the posts, Haze elbowed her way in and the 'me' became a 'we.' We were both Creative Writing & Literature students at Warwick University; we shared a house, we're best friends, and we love a lot of the same stuff. 

We're still trying to find a niche on here, as, we suppose, we're sort of newbies. All we know is that we want to be as honest and inclusive as possible. We are passionate about looking after people, the planet, and staying positive. So, hello, everyone! It's nice to ~ virtually ~ meet you :) 

If you fancy reading up on some gals that pretty much never have their lives sorted, who enjoy chatting about things like global warming, mental health awareness, but, also want some style and travel inspiration... then, it seems, by coincidence, or sheer luck, you're in the right place! (Let's be friends.)

Grab a cuppa and browse away. 

Love, George & Haze

Want to get in touch?

Email us at contactlovegeorge@gmail.com


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